Vapor Cigarette Batteries

Vapor Cigarette Batteries

Vapor Cigarette Batteries

Arguably the most important part of the E Cig, Vapor Cigarette Batteries provide the power that makes E Cigs function. They are a determining factor in the amount of vapor produced by the E Cig, as well as the frequency which the battery must be recharged.

As with all things battery powered, a bigger battery means more power, and a longer duration between charges. However, clearomizers are also a determining factor in the amount of vapor produced by an E Cigarette, as are the types of E Liquids used, while frequency of use is also a determining factor in how long the battery will last on a single charge.

The best battery to use for a vapor cigarette is always a matter of personal preference, depending on the  desired experience it can actually become quite the customized component to an E Cig. Some people value their vapor so much that they customize name brand batteries, and others even build their own in order to create the perfect vapor experience! This capability of the device has helped enable it to quickly become a common element in modern culture.

Therefore, the closest one can come to claiming that a battery is the “Best” is where quality and functionality are concerned.  Obviously I am convinced that Apollo has the “Best” E Cig products available on the market, and since I am “mechanically disinclined” to the point of being unable to build my own battery, my choices are all Apollo brand batteries.

I will point out here that I completely applaud the efforts and innovation of those who build their own homemade, custom E Cig batteries! My hats off to those individuals! I only wish that I were capable of building such a thing because I can certainly fathom the benefits of being able to do so, but alas, my talents lie elsewhere.

So as you may have guessed by my review of the Best E Cig Starter Kits, my favorite of all the Vapor Cigarette Batteries are the Ego batteries.

Again, which battery is the best is highly up to personal preference, and I happen to like the Ego for it’s particular combination of the battery weight and size, and the versatility of clearomizers which can be used with it for vapor production preferences.

Vapor Cigarette Batteries

Again, I may be a heavy smoker, but I am a small person, as in 5ft nothing and about 125lbs, so if you are a normal sized person, you may enjoy the VTube batteries the best.

I have tried them all, and I have never been unhappy with a single Apollo product I have tried. I have just migrated  to the Ego, because for now anyway, it is my favorite. I will let you know if I find something I think is better! 🙂


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